Stages: Solo Art Exhibition by Meagan Robson

Meagan Robson’s Solo Art show, Stages, is exhibited in the Kim Dawson Gallery of the Trinity River Arts Center through the month of June. Ms. Robson, an SMU Alumnus, offers art showcasing the theme of Kitchen Dog Theater’s new play, Reykjavík, by Steve Yockey. Her work parallels the play’s frozen, magical landscape, and ranges from abstract sculptures created with animal intestine to printmaking, oil, and multimedia techniques.


This collection examines violent and quiet alterations of identity. Each series builds a narrative of self-modification, while the individual pieces shift mediums to express specific moments within these progressions.

Meagan Robson is a Dallas-based artist exploring visualization and suppression of identity. Her work has been exhibited through the Craighead Green Gallery, Bathhouse Cultural Center, and the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities.



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